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Detailed Product Information

Item Number LPW-O
Sold By Pound
Color creamy tan with some gold and gray highlights
Size 8"x 8" to 12"x 12"
Average Bed Depth 3" - 5"
Average Coverage 30 - 40 SF/TON
Description The Lompoc Oatmeal Wallstone is a creamy tan colored stone with some gold and gray highlights (dark gray will fade in sunlight). Pieces will range from 8"x8" up to 12"x 12" and are approximately 3" to 5" thick. It is also available in natural stone thin veneer.
Application & Use Residential or commercial applications veneer for interior or exterior use on walls, columns, fireplace faces, chimneys, barbecues, planters, waterfalls, water features, ponds, etc.
Small photo of Lompoc Oatmeal Wall Stone (Mosaic)
Lompoc Oatmeal Wall Stone (Mosaic)

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