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PROLINE Dura-Color Antique Release Agent AR603 Sand Canyon
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Detailed Product Information

Item Number AR603
Sold By Each
Color Sand Canyon. Available in 40 standard colors, with custom colors matched to order.
Size 30# Pail
Average Coverage One 30 pound bucket of PROLINE Dura Antique Release covers approximately 1000 square feet.
Description PROLINE Dura Antique Release Agent is used as a bond breaker in the stamping process. It is a dust-on powder with water repellant properties that helps prevent wet concrete from adhering to the polyurethane texture mat. PROLINE Dura Antique Release is also used as a coloring agent, leaving a portion of its color, usually darker than the concrete color, imbedded in the low points of the newly textured concrete. This two-color process adds even more dimension to stamped concrete and is referred to as the antique look. Only well-dispersed, alkali friendly, U.V. stable pigments are used in a thorough, carefully monitored blending process. The result is a product that is both reliable in its release capabilities and available in vibrant colors.

* Easy to use powder with stamp release capabilities
* Colored for a two-toned antique look to enhance any decorative concrete surface
* Made with stable, U.V. resistant, streak-free, iron oxide pigments
Application & Use Antique Release takes skill and experience to apply, and should only be done by a trained professional. Before application of antique release powder, care should be taken to mask all areas where color is not desired and to protect plants and animals from exposure to product. Dura Antique Release should be broadcast in thin, even coats that overlap just enough to produce a uniform layer on the slab surface free of clumps and thin spots. Release powder can be thrown by hand or, more effectively, with a 6” mason’s brush. Dip the brush in the product and broadcast horizontally in a thin coat parallel to and not more than 24” off the ground. Avoid windy conditions. Do not trowel material into concrete. Stamping can begin as soon as the release agent is applied. If part of the texture mat sticks to the concrete due to an insufficient layer of release, product may be reapplied to trouble spot and stamped again. This will however produce a wrinkled appearance on the finished surface of the trouble spot and should be avoided by applying the product correctly the first time. Allow concrete to cure for at least 24 hours before removal to prevent damage to the new surface. Initially, the excess release powder should be swept using a broom and dust pan. Further removal is accomplished by rinsing with garden hose spray nozzle, light pressure wash, scrubbing, or buffing. Remove only enough to achieve desired effect. Generally, the wetter the concrete surface when the release powder is applied the more color stays in the concrete. Final color that matches color chart can only be achieved by sealing the concrete surface with a quality concrete sealer, such as PROLINE Dura-Seal HG. Product should be contained and disposed of according to local, state, and federal regulations.

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Small photo of PROLINE Dura-Color Antique Release Agent AR603 Sand Canyon
PROLINE Dura-Color Antique Release Agent AR603 Sand Canyon
Photos on this website are as close to true color as technology and your computer monitor can provide. However, all photos vary somewhat from the true color of the original product. We DO NOT represent that these photos are an exact match of any of our products. You should always base your choice of product on an actual sample.

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