PROLINE Dura-Stain Chemical Acid Stain PS480 Leather

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Description Chemical, or Reactive Stains, can be applied to new or old, plain or colored and stamped concrete surfaces. Chemical Stains penetrates and permanently stains new or existing concrete and wears only as the concrete wears. Use a reactive stain for creative faux finishes, permanent and variegated colors, no chipping or peeling and lasting results. Proline also offers a variegated water-based acrylic stain- see EZ-Accent.   
Application & Use Protect surrounding areas. The color of the PROLINE Dura-Stain solution will not resemble the final color but will change as reaction occurs. The solution should fizz when applied. If not, additional cleaning or surface preparations is needed. Dura-Stain may be applied in small areas by brush and large areas by plastic sprayer. It is recommended that all persons applying these materials fully read and comprehend Material Safety Data Sheets and Application Specifications. Allow the Dura-Stain solution to remain in contact with the concrete until the desired effect is obtained, a minimum of four (4) hours. Apply additional coats in the same manner, normally allowing the residue to remain on the surface between coats. After the final application, remove all residue by wet scrubbing with a detergent, then rinse with clean water. Once rinsing has begun, do not allow Dura-Stain residue to dry on substrate until substrate is completely clean and neutralized. Color streaking may occur if residue is allowed to oxidize. Collect run-off by wet vacuuming or absorbing with an inert material. Dispose of all stain residue and materials in accordance with local, state and federal regulations.

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Item Number: PS480
Color: Leather. Available in 9 standard colors.
Size: 1 Gallon
Average Coverage: 200-300 Sf Gallon
Weight: 10Lb
Sold By: Gallon
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WARNING: This Product Contains Chemicals Known To The State Of California To Cause Cancer, Or Birth Defects Or Other Reproductive Harm.
ADVERTENCIA: Este producto contiene componente químicos conocido en el Estado de California como causante de cáncer, defectos de nacimiento y otros daños al sistema reproductor.

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