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For over 20 years, MULTICOAT has maintained its reputation for providing the highest caliber of products to the construction industry world wide. Adhering to the strictest specifications in the industry has earned MULTICOAT both I.C.B.O. and City of Los Angeles evaluation reports.
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Multicoat - Hard Coat Stucco System
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Product Description: Multicoat’s HARD COAT STUCCO SYSTEM combines the strength of its polymer modified cementitious base coat, STUCCO BASE, troweled into metal lathe to form a tough underlayment. On top of the base, Multicoat’s Multi-Tex® Stucco Mix, which is a high build, flexible acrylic emulsion applied to form the finished appearance. Ideal for commercial or residential applications where a tough exterior skin is required.
Color: Multiple Colors Available
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Multicoat - ICF Stucco System
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Product Description: MULTICOAT has developed ultimate coatings for Insulated Concrete Form systems that provide an impact resistant exterior stucco finish for commercial and residential uses.

Color: Multiple Colors Available
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