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Warm you outdoor living space with natural gas or propane powered patio heaters. From table top to commercial grade, we carry the best brands on the market.
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Patio Comfort Patio Heater
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Product Description: These heaters are designed to extend the use of your patio, deck or dining area well into the chilly fall months and will allow the use of your outdoor entertainment areas virtually year-round. The Patio Comfort heater uses a standard five-gallon propane cylinder (not included) with approved over-fill protection device.

Patio Comfort heaters are easy to move with our standard portable wheel kits. They are designed with long-term durability and performance in mind.

Completely self-contained and portable
Provides clean draft-free circle of warmth
Convenient Piezoelectric "matchless" ignition system
Weather Resistant construction
Adjustable heat output
Easy-to-move wheel kit included
Requires 5 gallon OPD auto over fill safety cylinder (not included)
UL Approved
Color: Antique Bronze
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Patio Comfort Portable Table Top Patio Heater
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Product Description: Coming soon to all our stores is this great little portable outdoor table top patio heater. Order yours today!

When a full-sized "lifestyle" heater isn't required, take a close look at the our Table Top Patio Heater. This "mini" outdoor patio heater provides 360 degree circle of radiant heat that will heat about a six to seven foot circle in minimal wind conditions.

There's no need to move the party indoors when the days and nights get a little chilly when you have access to a Patio Comfort Table Top.

Please Note: Many components on the heater are stainless steel, but the base is actually a silver painted plastic item.

BTU rating: Variable: 7,000 (low) to 11,000 BTU (high)
Weight - 15 lbs.
One year residential warranty - no commercial warranty
Color: Stainless Steel/Silver coloring
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W-Series Comfort Heaters
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Product Description: The Infratech W-Series INFRATUBE Quartz Radiant Outdoor Heater sets the standard in
outdoor heating technology.

Outdoor space heating can keep the profits coming from outdoor commercial areas or extend the party season for a home patio despite cold weather. Infratech's Comfort Heat line uses infrared energy to efficiently provide heat with pinpoint accuracy virtually anywhere it's desired. And, INFRATUBE is completely safe; emitting only warm radiant energy. All INFRATUBEs are UL listed. INFRATUBE Comfort Heat combines maximum efficiency, easier installation, lower cost, and higher ROI to provide you the ultimate outdoor/indoor heating solution. You and your customers may never have to move indoors again.

*Maximum efficiency.
*Heats indoors and outdoors.
*Provides spot heat to exposed areas.
*Simple low cost installation.
*UL listed.
*Units may be regulated for desired heat.
*NEW Multi-Zone control systems available.
*No moving parts - low maintenance.
*One-year factory warranty.
*Wide range of accessories available.

Color: Stainless Steel
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