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Empty Sand Bags, Filled Sand Bags, Straw Wattle and anything else needed for flood water control.
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Jute Mesh
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Product Description: Jute Mesh
Color: Brown
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Sand Bags - Filled and Unfilled
Sand Bags - Filled and Unfilled             Top of Page
Product Description: Filled sand bags are prefilled with Sand. We also sell the empty plastic bags that you may fill yourself.

Color: filled
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Straw Wattle
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Product Description: STRAW WATTLES™ are tubes of rice straw used for erosion control, sediment control and stormwater runoff control. Each Wattle is 8 - 9 inches diameter, 25 feet long, and weighs about 40 pounds. Straw Wattles of different lengths can be special ordered. Straw Wattles can be made with UV degradable plastic netting for longevity, or with 100% bio-degradable burlap for sensitive sites. Wattles made with the plastic netting will last approximately 3 - 5 years, with the straw bio-degrading and the netting breaking down to small pieces from sunlight. Although rice straw lasts longer than other kinds of straw because of it's high silicon content, the bio-degradable Wattles will last only a season to a year due to the fairly rapid break-down of the burlap covering.
Color: Brown
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