Natural Stone - Fieldstone and Rubble

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A product term applied to dimensional stone used for building purposes, chiefly walls and foundations, and consisting of irregularly shaped pieces, partly trimmed or squared, generally with one split or finished face, and selected and specified within a size range.
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Medium Desert Creek Veneer
Medium Desert Creek Veneer             Top of Page
Product Description: Desert Creek Mosaic is gray with a light neutral pallette of weathered tan and brown accents. Desert Creek is a custom blend of stones offering a complete range of color including blue, gray, pink, white, browns and rust tones. Ranging in size from 6" to 24" in diameter, rough cut pieces will require hand-trimming with a hammer and chisel. This material is available loose and palletized.

This is not a stocked item. Please consult with your sales rep about ordering this product.

Patterns: Mosaic, Ashlar, Mosaic Block and Strip, Square Cut, Square Cut Block and Strip.
Color: Gray with tans and browns
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Mossy Crescent Fieldstone 1"-3"
Mossy Crescent Fieldstone 1"-3"             Top of Page
Product Description: The Mossy Crescent Fieldstone in the 1" - 3" thickness is an orangy- brown flagstone that comes in patio size pieces that may have some heavy natural clefting on the surface. This material may or may not contain moss on every piece and because every pallet varies in color and texture, it is always recommended that the client or contractor pick the pallets they prefer when the material is purchased. It is also available in 3"-4" wallstone for veneer.

Color: oranges and browns
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