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The most lifelike stamps on the market today. Over 150+ choices. Custom solutions. The highest quality in the industry. The best value in the industry. These are just a few of the features snd benefits you'll find in our line of concrete stamps. Contractors use our stamps to beautify a wide range of environments, inlcuding driveways, counter tops, swimming pools, car dealership showrooms and virtually any surface that calls for a distinctive look,
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12" Hexagon Italian Slate
12" Hexagon Italian Slate             Top of Page
Product Description: Hexagons occur naturally in nature - in beehives as well as turtle shells and are a sign of good luck in several cultures. Proline offers a 12" Hexagon pattern with an Italian Slate background. Looking for a larger hexagon? Check out our Hexagon Roman Slate, measuring 36".

Minimum recommended set:
6 SL200
1 SL200F (Thin-Flex)
2 2IS (Italian Slate SeamlessTouch-up Skin)
2 2ISF (Italian Slate Seamless Super-Flex Touch-up Skin)
1 W14RW (1/4" Round Touch-Up Wheel)
1 HT12H (12" Standard Joint Chisel)
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Herringbone Belgium Slate
Herringbone Belgium Slate             Top of Page
Product Description: Proline offers the look of Belgium Slate in a cut stone Herringbone pattern. The stones in this pattern measure 8" x 16.5" with a background texture ofBelgium Slate. The beauty of natural stine with the low cost and durability of concrete - the true essence of decorative concrete.

Minimum recommended set:
6 SL100
1 SL100F (Thin-flex)
2 2BE (Seamless Belgium Slate Touch-up Skin)
2 2BEF(Seamless Belgium Slate Superflex Touch-up Skin)
1 WHE (Hammered Edge Touch-Up Wheel)
1 HT12H (Hammered Edge Chisel)
Product Photo
Hexagon Italian Slate
Hexagon Italian Slate             Top of Page
Product Description: Looking to make a large statement? Proline's 36" Hexagon with Roman Slate texture is a pattern to do just that. A two-part system, with each piece slightly different for a more random look. Proline also offers a Hexagon in a smaller, 12" size.

Minimum recommended set:
3 SL300A
3 SL300B
1 SL300F (Thin-Flex)
2 2RS (Roman Slate SeamlessTouch-up Skin)
2 2RSF (Roman Slate Seamless Super-Flex Touch-up Skin)
1 W14R (1/4" Round Touch-Up Wheel)
1 HT12S (12" Standard Joint Chisel)
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