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Non-traditional Fireplaces and other Fire Features
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Basalt Column Fire Rock
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Product Description: Basalt Fire Rocks are made from the same materials as the basalt fountains but are laid on their side and the fire area is formed in a rectangular shape instead of round. They are available in many lengths from 2-1/2' up to 6' +, but they get very heavy the longer they are because they can only be made from a 20"-24" diameter column. The length of the straight or 'H' fire burner should be at least 3"-4" from each end....for example, if the fire rock is 36", it would require a 30" straight or 'H' fire burner. Just need some lava rock or fire glass to top the burner and voila!!
Color: Varies
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Boulder Fire Rock
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Product Description: The Boulder Fire Rocks are actual irregular shaped boulders with a semi flat top and have a rounded cut out in the middle for a 12", 18", or 24" diameter fire ring to sit right in there. Top it with a couple bags of lava rock or fire glass, hook it up to your gas line and you're ready to lounge by the fire. They are available in Black Magic, Granite, Basalt, Pink Champagne, and Green Mountain Marble colors.
Color: Varies
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Cast Steel Fire Pit
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Product Description: These Cast Steel Fire Pits are equipped with a 1" hole drilled in the bottom so a gas line can connect directly to it (instead of only burning wood). Just need a round fire ring and some lava rock or fire glass and instant fire! The small steel fire pit is approx. 33-1/2" in diameter and would require 30" fire ring, the medium is approx. 39-1/2" in diameter and would require a 36" fire ring. Fire rings are available in black or stainless steel.

Comes in Small & Medium Sizes
Color: Steel Cast Iron
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